Keep Your Files Secure

Keep Your Files Secure

Turn to us for commercial casework

Does your medical office need new cabinets? The experts at Taylor Made Commercial Cabinetry offer commercial casework. We can build the cabinets you need in your procedure rooms. You can trust us to use quality wood of your choice to construct your cabinets. Get in touch with us now for beautiful, functional cabinets to store all of your supplies and documents.

3 cabinet features to consider

There’s more to think about other than wood type when building commercial cabinets. Here are three features to keep in mind:

  1. Grain – Certain types of wood offer better grain matching than others.
  2. Color – The right stain can change the color of the wood to replicate another type of wood.
  3. Construction – You can choose from rabbets or dovetail styles.

Our professionals can help you pick out the materials with the right features to meet your needs. Call 856-755-5308 today to share your ideas with us. We’ll get back to you with a few drawings for you to look over.